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Each month we choose a new project to highlight and showcase. This month it's Best Hand Played, a mobile poker app that allows players to more dynamically record their hands and take the stress out of their game.

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Designer / Founder
Headshot of Sarah Prochaska, outdoors and smiling.

Sarah Prochaska

Sarah Prochaska graduated with highest honors from UC Berkeley, and spent the next two years working in social media, digital PR, and direct marketing before she realized she missed her calling: design. She returned to school to increase her technical understanding and then founded her own social enterprise, Meaningful Change, which raised money for nonprofit organizations including the American Red Cross, The Nature Conservancy and The Humane Society of the United States. In March 2013, Sarah also launched Out-of-the-Box Designs, and worked with numerous clients on brand consulting, graphic art, web design and typography.

After taking two years to move her design prowess into the physical world through designing and developing real estate, she is back to technical design, this time as a Front-End Developer and UX / UI Designer. She builds front-end apps using React / Redux and is looking to transition into mobile development soon with React Native. Check out her two most recent projects Life Done Different and for examples of her hybrid approach of marrying design sensibility with programmatic functionality.