Lone Rhino Quilts Branding & Website Design

Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Content Creation

Lone Rhino Quilts is a handmade quilting and embroidery company that creates custom works for its clients. Lone Rhino started as a word-of-mouth business and has grown to meet an increasing demand. Out-of-the-Box Designs gave Lone Rhino Quilts a marketable presence in an increasingly digital world. We created marketing collateral for the client as well as an interactive website. We also produced a custom embroidered logo that can be stitched onto the tag of every quilt to ensure continued brand recognition.


Circle block baby quilt with owl and the 'Lone Rhino' logo and embroidered tag. UX Design. Images of varying pages of the website on a computer, tablet and phone. User using the platform on a tablet and selecting 'standard block quilts' to view. Stack on Lone Rhino business cards - front and back - with rhino logo and contact information.
Project Website: www.lone-rhino-quilts.com