Love, Survival and the American Dream

Services: Book Design, Typographic Design, Digital Conversion, Preprint Production

Love Survival and the American Dream is a 200pg joint memoir of two holocaust survivors who found one another in the midst of a war. We took the edited text file and created a unique print design. We created the layout, managed the typography, and designed the chapter titles, image layouts, and table of contents. We groomed all the text to perfection and had our hand on everything inside that jacket; we literally designed that book from cover-to-cover. To increase the distribution of the work we also created an accompanying digital text that compliments the printed version for all e-readers. Both are available for purchase at


Chapter title on Kindle. Title page and table of contents on tablets. Printed book being held by reader. Opened to a chapter title. Book opened on picture layout pages being held by a reader.
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