CrossFit SolCity Website

Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Content Creation

SolCity is a state of the art CrossFit gym focusing on the high-end experience in the center of Hollywood. For this project we came to the table with a complete branding overhaul. We discussed long-term vision, market edge, and company values in order to decide how best represent SolCity’s visual image. We completely redesigned the website from the ground up and expanded the information from a 5-page, text driven site to a 20-page custom platform with engaging graphics and photographs. We worked with CrossFit SolCity to create unique website copy and original images that would compliment the content. The owners were thrilled with the result, and the redesign has increased overall web traffic and traction for the gym in a highly competitive market.

Images of the SolCity website on two tablets being held next to one another. Web pages are for the apparel and the location and facilities of the site. Home page of site with slideshow on a mac monitor. Two tablets side by side with the 'elite coaches' and the 'membership and pricing' pages displayed.